Study Thai and Living in Thailand

Study Thai and Living in Thailand?……..Yes, you can!!!

You may heard many news about Visa problems in Thailand now but if you wish to live in Thailand longer, our school can help you.  

However, you need to ask yourself first…. Would you like to learn Thai language? If so then we can help you.

Study Thai language for 200 hrs with Kathu Phuket Language School, we can help you to prepare the documents for a visa which means you can stay in Thailand and study Thai with us.

Step 1 : Please provide us ….

– Your passport (for copying)
– 12 photos (passport size)
– Complete application form.
– Make a full payment for a lesson fee.

Step 2 : ( 3-4 weeks )

– We will submit your application to the ED-Office.
– We will contact you when all documents are ready to be picked up.

Step 3 :

– Collect all paperwork from us
– Apply for Visa at Thai Embassy/consulates in any country and pay Visa fee.

 Step 4 :

When you return back to Phuket, please visit the school with your passport in the next day and you can plan your study schedule with us.


Study Thai Phuket

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