Basic & Advance Thai

Thai language lessons at Kathu Phuket Language School (Students qualify for a Visa)

1. Basic Thai

2. Intermediate Thai

3.  Advanced Thai

Class and study time for One Year Course

200 lessons (every lesson is 60 minutes long) normally scheduled 2 days/week, 2 lessons/day. Available courses are Basic Thai, Intermediate Thai, and Advanced Thai. All full-year courses at Phuket Language School qualify you for a Non-Immigrant visa. Shorter courses are also available, in units of 20 hours.

All Nationalities are eligible to study Thai at Kathu Phuket Language School

The Thai Ministry of Education does not make any distinction among students coming from different countries. All nationalities are treated equally and all are welcome to study Thai and learn about Thai culture.

Private Lessons

Private lessons at the Phuket Language School are the most flexible option. The schedule and curriculum can be tailored to your exact needs.

Course Fees

         See the pricelist 


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