KPLS approach Learning Thai

We at KPLS are able to help you with organizing your thoughts about learning the Thai languages. Below the text that I find on a user group for Dutch people living in Thailand. Our school lessons are based on the methodology that if you know how to read it is much easier to speak. We do not say that the other approach is wrong, but we believe in ours to avoid disappointment.

The thoughts of a Farang to speak and understand Thai

My attention was drawn to an advertisement on Facebook, among an expat group. The advertisement mentioned the giving of English and Thai lessons. I gained some information from people who attended the classes. The answers were so positive that I decided to connect with the Thai teacher. She was able to convince me completely. I decided to make another effort to understand the Thai language, to be able to speak it reasonably well and to be able to read and write it. It will of course never be perfect, but that is not my goal either.

The Thai teacher, must above all teach me to listen/understand the Thai language and to speak the Thai language. My goal is, and I explained that to her, being able to follow the Thai news, Thai films and being able to talk to Thai people.

I can teach myself writing and reading the Thai language, partly on the basis of her lessons, but also by using another i-course.

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